I am not a Dryathlete

Happy New Year everyone!

January probably isn’t a great month to wax lyrical about the benefits of drinking wine. Everyone has drunk far too much in December, are probably still recovering from New Years Eve and no one has any money. Not to mention the fact that this year Cancer Research have decided to exploit everyone’s hangover guilt and suggested the ‘Dryathalon’. The very word makes me shudder. 31 days of not drinking in what must be the most depressing month of the year. And since I know I need wine to get me through January and my fairly severe case of back-to-work blues I’m going to plough on through with the wine blog to make me feel better about it.

That being said, I will take notice of the fact that my bank balance is frighteningly low and so all the wines I’ve tried this week are under £6. The best thing about drinking in January is you still have all the December deals to take advantage of and a good approachable bottle needn’t cost too much.

I picked up the Tesco Cotes du Rhone this week for £4.99 and it’s not bad at all for a fiver. The only other things they had around that price were from big brands which always makes be very suspicious of the £8.99 they claim to be discounted from. It is soft, medium-bodied, with good fruit concentration and a bit of spice. It is easy going enough to enjoy by itself but we had it with a delicious spag bol made by my wonderful friend – very good January comfort food.

One of my favourite Christmas deals, and still going on, is the Rioja Reserve Vina Eguia on offer at £5.99 at Majestic. This is a really really good wine for the price. It boasts dark fruits with sweet spice, smooth tannins and a fantastic structure. This is much more of a food wine although I love Rioja and would drink it on its own without much persuasion. Fantastic with lamb chops or steak.

And finally for all you Dryalthletes out there I have bought a bottle of de-alcoholised wine!! I’ve never tried de-alcoholised wine before and do not feel the need to try it again for a long long time. This is the Torres Natureo, Torres being a brand I trust when it comes to producing consistent, quality wines I thought they would give a fair representation of the genre. The nose is pleasant and aromatic – floral with a distinctive peachiness. The palate is really not that good – none of the freshness the nose suggests, medium-dry with a grapey flavour and a sweet, confected aftertaste. It boasts half the calories of a normal glass of wine but that is a very thin silver lining.

Sorry Dryathletes. Sorry Cancer Research. There’s just too much goodness in a bottle of wine to give it up. Especially now I know what the alternative tastes like.