I am India Farrington and this is my team!


I set up this blog years ago. Before I was married, before I had kids. All I can think is how much TIME I must have had back then.

I have worked in the wine industry for 10 years now. Whilst I always knew that I would go back to work after having my first child there was a big, lingering question mark over what would happen when I had my second. Not least because it would have essentially meant working for free with both the girls in full time childcare. In the end the decision was made for me when all my requests for flexible working were turned down by the company I had worked for for 4 years.

So after years of neglect I am turning my attention back to the blog and writing. I’m not quite sure what that means right now or where it will lead (if anywhere) but I’m excited about the prospect of having something to focus on again in the place of a job which I hadn’t particularly enjoyed. I think that most mothers returning to work after having a baby would agree that it takes a while to get your confidence back and this is also what the blog will be about for me. After almost a year in baby-land I want to use it to rediscover my passion for wine and what that looks like with a baby (and sometimes a toddler) in tow!