Beef Wellington

I am writing this while listening to my little sister’s new radio show (such a rock star!) so may be a little distracted.

Yesterday we had the in-laws for lunch. On request from Mr F we had beef wellington – actually this has been the standard response to the “what shall we have for dinner?” question for the last 5 years and I have managed to avoid it until now. Irritatingly I was overcome by some irrational need to prove that I AM a good wife and I CAN work with pastry (I’m not, and I can’t) – no pressure then.

As well as not working well with pastry the second problem is my oven. I really think the only acceptable thing to have alongside beef wellington is dauphinoise potatoes but when you have an oven the size of mine it is tricky juggling the the two. After I lot of discussion I figured out how to work round the problem (cooked the potatoes first and then kept warm with foil over the top while the beef cooked), and thank God as nothing else would have done quite such a good job…  Continue reading…